Financial Services SEO

Financial services SEO

Financial services SEO

Financial services SEO is a key digital marketing strategy for the finance and banking sector to help prospects find their websites via search engine results pages.

To achieve a high position in Google’s search results, and avoid missing out on valuable organic traffic, adopt the following easy steps

Select the right keywords, search terms and content

The first step of SEO for financial services is to find out what your target audience is searching for. Along with those keywords, cast your search a little wider to research what key phrases your competitors are ranking well for where you’re not. Then consider what key phrases your business should be found for.

Using this approach means rather than wasting your marketing team’s time trying to find creative ways to be visible to your audience, you’re adhering your content marketing to what your customers already want to know.
We help organisations select the most appropriate keywords and search terms for their SEO activity. We conduct research in to the marketplace, competitors and customer behaviour to identify the search terms that are likely to generate sales. Talk to our SEO experts

Google is used for 94% of all search engine traffic, so SEO for financial services is most successful when following Google’s guidelines. There’s a variety of signals that websites send to Google that inform how it ranks your site on its search results pages

Backlinking from authoritative websites is the same as someone important offline referring your business. SEO for financial services would benefit from link building across respectable sites. The more relevant, quality websites that link to your website, the better to get your organisation in front of your target audience.

Mobile friendly healthy websites

When planning SEO for financial services, it’s vital to consider mobile. 83% of mobile users prioritise a seamless experience across all devices. Of course, this is another aspect that impacts where you find yourself on Google’s search results pages. If your site isn’t up to speed, your visitors aren’t going to wait around for you when there’s a competitor’s site that’s ready for them, however they want to access their site.

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